Student Counseling and Psychological Services - Wichita

EMPAC Student Assistance Program

Wichita Campus students have access to personal counseling services through the EMPAC Student Assistance Program (SAP). EMPAC is dedicated to providing excellent services to students and the members of their households. Whether you are experiencing personal or school-related challenges, there are options available to you. You can receive confidential help through the SAP. Simply contact EMPAC at 316-265-9922, provide the name of your school and indicate that you are seeking SAP services. The receptionist will assist you in arranging an appointment at a time convenient for you. Please present your KU School of Pharmacy-Wichita Campus Photo Identification badge to the receptionist when signing in for your appointment.

There is no cost for you to access and use the SAP. SAP is a service for assessment and short-term, problem-focused counseling. At your initial session, your SAP counselor will make recommendations as to whether your situation may require more intensive services. You can use up to three SAP sessions per calendar year. Any additional services exceeding the maximum allowed by the SAP program will be the financial responsibility of the individual student and/or that student's private insurance carrier where applicable.

The professionals serving you are licensed master-level counselors and most have additional training in a number of specialties, assuring you a counselor in the area of your specific need. Counselors can assist you with issues such as: stress and anxiety, depression, parenting challenges, marriage struggles, domestic violence, grief or loss, eating disorders, coping with persistent medical conditions, substance abuse, work-life balance, financial counseling, and legal counseling.

Who knows if I come to EMPAC?

EMPAC is confidential. Your school will not know if you choose to utilize EMPAC services. Applicable state and federal laws regarding privacy and confidentiality regulate EMPAC. If a person is an imminent threat to self or others, the authorities must be notified. Beyond that, utilization of our services is confidential.

How do I contact EMPAC?

In the Wichita area, call 316-265-9922. If you're outside of Wichita call 800-234-0630. EMPAC is located in downtown Wichita at 300 W. Douglas, Suite 930 in the R.H. Garvey Building.

Additional information about EMPAC can also be obtained by accessing their website at About Us - EMPAC. There you will find online resources on topics ranging from addiction, financial, health & wellness, legal, mental health, parenting and more.