Pharm.D. Admissions - FAQs

Before You Apply

We accept up to 130 students on the Lawrence campus and up to 20 students on the Wichita campus in each incoming class.

If you prefer to attend the Wichita campus, you can indicate that when you apply. After the interviews, accepted students are ranked, and the top students get their first choice of campus.

No you do not. Approximately half of our current Pharm.D. students completed their pre-pharmacy studies elsewhere. Pre-pharmacy courses can be taken at any accredited college or university. Students who complete their pre-pharmacy courses at KU are not given an advantage in the admissions process. However, they do have access to resources, such as the KU Pre-Pharmacy Club.

The KU School of Pharmacy faculty and staff is concerned about all students preparing to apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy program. To provide some relief for our future students during the COVID-19 crisis we will honor Credit/No Credit grades for all pre-pharmacy courses completed during the Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. If a student decides to request a CR/NC grade over a letter grade for these semesters it will not affect their status with the KU School of Pharmacy.

  • The pre-pharmacy classes may be taken at any accredited university or community college.
  • Use KU CredTran to determine if your coursework will transfer to KU and meet the pre-pharmacy course requirements. The CredTran system will also tell you if the course satisfies a KU Core goal. If you have any questions or cannot find a specific course, please contact School of Pharmacy Admissions at
  • Visit KU Undergraduate Admissions' Community College Transfer Guide for information about transfering credits from a community college.
  • All laboratory components of the pre-pharmacy curriculum must be completed in a campus laboratory. Virtual or offsite laboratory courses are not accepted.

Historically, the average GPA of entering classes has been 3.4 or higher. The average PCAT composite score is around the 65th percentile. We do not have a minimum PCAT score, but we do require a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Yes. However, you must be admitted to KU before you can be accepted to the School of Pharmacy.

While there are no specific requirements on who can serve as a reference, we recommend a pharmacist, an employer and a professor.

After You Apply

Candidates will be interviewed by a small group that includes a combination of SOP faculty, administrators, staff and students. Interviews can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

That will vary, but all interviewers seek to evaluate the applicant's understanding of the pharmacy profession as well as their self awareness, interpersonal skills and emotional maturity.

Specific members vary from year to year but always include faculty members and administrators.

Committee members look for a diverse group of students with a solid foundation in biology and chemistry. The ideal candidate will also be a strong communicator who is informed about the pharmacy profession and academically prepared for the challenging Pharm. D. curriculum.