Pharm.D. Prerequisites

  • Pre-pharmacy requirements may be met by transfer, community college, or exam-based credit. Equivalency is required for transfer credit (determined through CREDTRAN — see below)
  • KU Pharm.D. admission requires all pre-pharmacy courses to be a grade of C or higher. Pre-pharmacy GPA must be 2.5 or higher.
  • KU Core goals 1 through 4 are required pre-pharmacy.
  • An Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Kansas institution meets KU Core goals 1 through 3.
  • An earned accredited bachelor’s degree meets KU Core goals 1 through 6.
  • KU Core goals 5 and 6 are not required on a pre-pharmacy basis because they are met during pharmacy school.
  • See KU Core for information about KU's general education requirements
  • Transfer students please use CREDTRAN via KU Admissions: Transferring Credit to determine equivalency and KU Core applicability.


Supplemental application not necessary for current KU Students.

Required Pre-Pharmacy Courses

Course GroupCourse AreaCourse Options - Honors courses in blueKU Core req. met
QuantitativeStatisticsMATH 365, MATH 526, BIOL 570, PSYC 210, BSAN/DSCI 202GE12
QuantitativeCalculusMATH 115, MATH 125, MATH 145GE12
QuantitativePhysicsPHSX 114, PHSX 210/216, PHSX 211, PHSX 213/216GE11
ChemistryGeneral Chemistry ICHEM 130, CHEM 170, CHEM 190/191GE3N
ChemistryGeneral Chemistry IICHEM 135, CHEM 175, CHEM 195/196GE3N
ChemistryOrganic Chemistry ICHEM 330/331, CHEM 380/331GE3N
ChemistryOrganic Chemistry IICHEM 335/336, CHEM 385/336GE3N
BiologyMolecular & CellularBIOL 150, BIOL 151, BIOL 416 (+426 lab prior to 2022)GE3N
BiologyHuman AnatomyBIOL 240GE3N
BiologyMicrobiologyBIOL 400/402, BIOL 401/402GE3N
BiologyMammalian PhysiologyBIOL 546/547GE3N
KU CoreEnglish Composition IENGL 101GE21 (#1)
KU CoreEnglish Composition IIENGL 102, ENGL 105GE21 (#2)
KU CoreOral CommunicationCOMS 130, COMS 131, COMS 132, COMS 133, JOUR 150, PHIL 150, THR 120GE22
KU CoreArts and Humanitiesany GE3H courseGE3H
KU CoreSocial Scienceany GE3S courseGE3S
KU CoreDiversity in the U.S.any AE41 courseAE41
KU CoreGlobal Perspectiveany AE42 courseAE42

Credit/No Credit - Spring 2020 - Spring 2021

The KU School of Pharmacy faculty and staff is concerned about all students preparing to apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy program. To provide some relief for our future students during the COVID-19 crisis we will honor Credit/No Credit grades for all pre-pharmacy courses completed during the Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. If a student decides to request a CR/NC grade over a letter grade for these semesters it will not affect their status with the KU School of Pharmacy.