Program Goals

The following represents the educational, research, service and clinical practice goals of the SOP. We will achieve these goals through the specific initiatives outlined in our strategic plan. Key stakeholders of our program, including administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni and other relevant constituents, will routinely assess our progress toward these goals. 

Educational Goals

  • Attract strong candidates to our professional, graduate and postdoctoral programs.
  • Achieve excellence in didactic, experiential and interprofessional education as evident by our professional students’ proficiency in:
    • translating basic science knowledge into clinical applications.
    • providing comprehensive pharmacist-delivered patient-centered care, including medication therapy management.
    • managing resources and systems effectively and efficiently.
    • providing population-based health care.
  • Pharm.D. graduates capable of delivering care as interprofessional team members, and who contribute to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy through advanced pharmacy practice, organizational involvement, and in select career paths, provide scholarly contributions to the profession. 

Research Goals

  • Our faculty maintain a leadership role in developing innovative technologies and pharmaceuticals, and conducting research inclusive of the basic, clinical and administrative sciences.
  • Given the global impact and importance of our faculty’s research, we strive to be consistently ranked among the top schools of pharmacy that receive federal research funding.

Service Goals

  • Our faculty serve the residents of the state of Kansas and the nation by:
    • educating future pharmacists and researchers
    • making innovative discoveries to improve health
    • sharing expertise with the pharmaceutical and health-care industries
  • Our students and faculty contribute to local, state and national professional organizations and committees.

Clinical Practice

Our pharmacy practice faculty enhance the practice of pharmacy through advanced patient care models, involvement with professional organizations and advocacy for the profession of pharmacy.