Student peers through magnifying glass at fluid sample in IV bag

What Can You Do With a Pharm.D?

A KU Pharm.D. degree provides graduates with a wide range of career options. Many students go directly into pharmacy practice, while others pursue careers at hospitals, research universities or pharmaceutical companies.



Compounding Pharmacist

Prepares customized dosage forms and prescription medications to meet the needs of individual patients

Drug Information Specialist

Provides educational services about medication and drug products to pharmacies, other health care professionals, the pharmaceutical industry and consumers


Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Provides information on drug products to doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and other potential customers

Pharmaceutical Consulting

Provides specialized information, guidance or services to industry


Independent or Chain Retail Pharmacist

Provides pharmacy care services to the general population and can offer medication therapy services

Specialty Practice Pharmacist

Provides pharmacy care services to select patient populations such as prison inmates, home IV services and individuals in facilities for patients with special needs

Hospital Pharmacist

Provides pharmacy care for hospitalized patients, prepares IV mediation and monitors drug therapy

Longt-Term Care Facility Pharmacist

Provides pharmacy care to patients in long-term care facilities

Residency Specialization


Teaches, trains students and conducts research in clinical or basic science laboratory settings

Clinical Administration

Manages pharmacies for hospitals, long-term care facilities or other health care organizations

Advanced Practice

Specialist with advanced clinical skills to manage a patient’s pharmacy care in selected or a variety of diseases

Clinical Research

Participates in design and management of clinical trials

Graduate Studies, M.S., Ph.D.

Basic Research in Academia

Performs basic research on design, development and delivery of new drugs, educates and trains pharmacy and graduate students

Clinical Research in Industry

Designs or oversees various aspects of clinical trials for new drugs