Kappa Epsilon

Kappa Epsilon

Kappa Epsilon is a national fraternity that empowers its members to achieve personal and professional competence, to develop leaders within the profession and community, and to provide professional and philanthropic services. The members of the Kappa Epsilon fraternity encourage one another to become capable pharmacists and share the bond of a lifelong commitment of loyalty and friendship.

Organization Contact:

Rindy Marquez | KU Kappa Epsilon President - Lawrence | r220m426@ku.edu
Jonas Street | KU Kappa Epsilon President - Wichita | J766s179@ku.edu

Officers and Advisors


  • President - Lawrence - Rindy Marquez
  • President - Wichita - Jonas Street


Events and Meetings

  • Monthly chapter meetings on Wednesdays over the noon hour
  • Monthly socials
  • National fraternity projects: Breast Cancer Awareness; Ovarian Cancer Awareness
  • Go Red for Women
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt with Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence
  • Harvesters
  • Relay for Life

Membership and Fees

  • New members: $87 per academic year
  • Returning members: $75 per academic year


Kappa Epsilon was founded on May 13, 1921 by Zada M. Cooper with the purpose of uniting females in the field of pharmacy when women were a minority in the profession. The KE motto “Cogito Ergo Sum,” meaning “I think, therefore I am,” inspires members to grow both personally and professionally while upholding the unsaid standard of excellence existing within the foundations of pharmacy. Today, the fraternity encourages both men and women to join the 20,000+ members/alumni in any one of the 43 collegiate chapters or 10 alumni chapters.

Mu Chapter History: The Mu Chapter was installed at the University of Kansas in Lawrence on May 13, 1942. Mu Chapter is the 6th oldest active chapter of the fraternity.