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Known Issues

Technology for Course Participation

There are numerous annotation software options out there. We recommend you select the annotation software that works best for you.

Annotation software examples:

For iPads, consider purchasing and using a supported stylus such as an Apple Pencil.

*NOTE - Microsoft OneNote is the only annotation software option above supported by KU Information Technology.

Canvas is KU’s learning management system, used by many instructors for course materials, announcements, assignment submission, and more.

How to Log In

  • Log in to Canvas or select the Canvas link from top links the site menu on any KU CMS website.

Canvas Student App

  • Canvas offers a mobile app alternative for students to access the Canvas environment on their mobile devices (Android or IOS).
  • Canvas Student provides students with full access to their course, being most useful for accessing course content and grades.
  • It is recommended that students use the browser interface for graded activities or accessing external links such as 3rd party homework systems.
  • Get the Canvas Student App and more info

Canvas Help

Microsoft Teams provides a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, plus files and app sharing for groups and teams. In addition to Blackboard and Zoom, your instructors may use Microsoft Teams as a component of your courses to extend the remote classroom for group and collaborative work either during classes or outside of class time. Teams is perfect for collaboration in small groups, including study groups and group project collaboration.

Microsoft Teams includes the following tools and capabilities:

  • Chat - Threaded conversation hub
  • Keeps all conversations in one place
  • File Storage - Upload, store, create, collaborate, and share files in one place
  • Integrates with Planner to organize and manage tasks
  • Virtual space for meetings that include audio, video, and recording capabilities
  • Each team comes with SharePoint site in the background

How To's


  • Microsoft Teams is available to students as a part of Microsoft Office 365. For installation instructions, see "Install Microsoft Office" for 'Mac Computers' or 'Windows 10' at New2KU: Device Setup.

While at KU, you have access to OneNote, a digital note-taking tool.


  • Makes taking and organizing class notes easy (see Taking Notes with OneNote video)
  • Take notes using keyboard or stylus
  • Attach photos and videos to notes
  • Attach files to notes, including pdf, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Use built-in annotation tools to markup notes

Access OneNote:


Check out KU Information Technology's student video series to learn to use OneDrive for Business, Office 365, and OneNote to stay organized for classes.

Known Issues

  • Working Offline
    • When using OneNote offline or with an unstable internet connection, you may see a notification that OneNote is unable to connect and is in offline mode. You can continue working in offline mode, your changes will sync to your OneNote online when a stable internet connection becomes available.

Purchase License/Create Account:

  • For cost effectiveness, we recommend the 5-year subscription (the 5-year subscription is less expensive than 4 single-year licenses)

Create Account:

  • Go to: Turning Technologies Login
  • Enter your KU email address and select "Create account"
  • A verification email will be sent to the KU email address you provided with a link to continue the account creation process
  • Complete the steps to create your account
  • When prompted, add/purchase your subscription, there are 1-year and 5-year options
    • Again, we recommend the 5-year subscription (the 5-year subscription is less expensive than 4 single-year licenses)

Zoom is one of the video conferencing platforms you will use for remote learning and instruction at KU. Here are some helpful resources if you are just getting started with Zoom:

Technology for Exams and Quizzes

  1. Once registered, you will find exams available to download on the left-hand side. Tap the exam name to select the exam. If you do not see the exam you are scheduled to take, tap the Refresh Exam List button or swipe vertically to refresh the list of available exams.
  2. Tap the Download Exam button to download the exam to the device.
  3. If the download was successful, a green check mark will appear next to Step 1 Exam File Downloaded. Underneath the main window, you can review the exam details and settings for the exam.
  1. Select the downloaded exam you need to start.
  2. Review the details and exam settings.
  3. Enter the case-sensitive exam password provided by your instructor and tap Start Exam.
  4. When instructed, enter the randomly-generated code and tap Start Exam.

The following are exam features which may be available in your exam if enabled by your instructor.

  1. Exam Level Attachment
  2. Time Remaining
  3. Set an Alarm
  4. Question Level Attachment
  5. Notes
  6. Calculator
  7. Flag
  8. Question Navigation
  9. Cross out Answer Choice
  10. Highlight Text
  11. Slide between Question and Answer Choice
  12. Dismiss Mid-Exam Alarm

Answering a Multiple Choice/True False:

For Multiple Choice or True/False questions, select the circle(s) to indicate the answer(s).

Answering a Fill in The Blank Question:

For Fill in the Blank and Essay, type your response in the text field.

  1. Select Submit Exam or Submit & Exit button to close your exam.
  2. Confirm exit.  You may not re-enter the exam after exiting this screen.  If you need to return to your exam, select Return to Exam.
  3. A green confirmation screen indicates the upload was successful. An upload confirmation email will also be sent to the exam taker.

General Technology Resources

It is essential that you have a back up method in place as you begin using your iPad for the Pharm.D. program. If you need help getting started, please stop by the RxIT Suite for assistance.

Back-Up Options

  • The back-up method you use is entirely up to you. Here are some options:
    • iCloud
      • Depending on available space, you can choose to take a full backup, which might be easiest to move to another iPad.
    • Google Drive
      • Allows for easy backup of Google Account-related material and manually selected items on the iPad.
    • OneDrive for Business*
      • Allows for easy backup of Office365-related materials and manually selected items on the iPad - see "OneDrive for Business" below
      • *OneDrive for Business is supported by KU IT

While you cannot change your KU Online ID (a123b456), you can create an "alias" for your KU email address.

An alias is a nickname for your permanent email address; after creating an alias, you can share that email address with others and messages sent to that account will go to your official KU email account.

All students are encouraged to create an appropriate and professional email alias that can be used on resumes and in other academic and professional situations. For example, a common alias format is firstinitial.lastname@ku.edu.

Manage Your Aliases

  1. Go to: KU My Identity: Email Service Management
  2. Select Manage Your Aliases
  3. Select Add an Alias

While at KU, you have access to cloud-based file storage and sharing via OneDrive for Business.


  • 1TB of personal cloud storage
  • Edit, create and share documents using Office 365 from your browser, tablet or computer
  • Share files with others at KU and external contacts

Access your OneDrive for Business:

  • Log in to KU's myCommunity and select "OneDrive for Business" from the list of "Featured Links" on the left
  • Select the "Apps" icon in the top left corner (i.e., the square of nine dots) and select "OneDrive"


Check out KU Information Technology's My Community student video series to learn to use OneDrive for Business, Office 365, and OneNote to stay organized for classes.

As a student, you have access to Office 365 which includes OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, and Office apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can install Office 365 on up to 5 personal device. Within Office 365, KU students have 1TB of free cloud storage via OneDrive for Business.

Here are some resources from to get you started:

See KU Bookstore Tech Shop's Pharmacy page for information about purchasing technology, including bundle pricing.


  • An iPad is required for coursework. A quality keyboard and annotation device are strongly recommended. 
  • You are welcome to purchase your iPad and accessories as you see fit. 
  • The iPad bundle recommendations below are our recommendations specifically for the packages available from the KU Bookstore TechShop.


  • We strongly recommend a keyboard for the iPad. 
    • There are numerous keyboards options across a wide range of price points. 
  • We strongly recommend a quality annotation device. 
    • There are numerous annotation device options across a wide range of price points. 
    • For its compatibility with the iPad, we recommend the Apple Pencil. 
  • If you choose an iPad Air or an iPad (10.2") from the KU Bookstore Tech Shop, we recommend the 256GB option for the additional storage space.
Recommended iPad Air Bundle from KU Bookstore TechShop
  • Pharmacy iPad Air M1 Bundle - 10.9" 256GB
Recommended iPad Bundle from KU Bookstore TechShop
  • Pharmacy iPad Bundle - 10.2" 256GB

New2KU provides information about the technology available to you while you are at KU, including:

  • Checklists
  • Recommended Technology
  • Device setup
  • Email
  • Wi-Fi
  • Student Technology Webinar Series (video)
  • Campus Technology Overview (video)
  • Frequently Asked Questions