Health Services Wichita

All Wichita campus pharmacy students have access to healthcare services at the KU Wichita Center for Healthcare Adult Medicine Clinic. The clinic is located at 8533 E. 32nd St. North, Wichita, KS. The clinic’s main phone number is 316-293-2622. Visit KU Wichita Adult Medicine to obtain additional clinic information regarding providers, services, appointments, additional contact information and hours of operation.

Student health fees, paid along with tuition, cover the costs associated with seeing a clinic practitioner and select other services. The clinic accepts several health insurance plans, including student health insurance offered through the university.  In most cases, the cost for services that are not covered as part of the student health fee can be billed directly to a student’s insurance carrier. Any costs not covered by the student health fee or a student’s insurance carrier are the responsibility of the student.

Immunization Services and Compliance

All pharmacy students are required to be in compliance with all School of Pharmacy immunization requirements by March 1st during the spring semester of the first professional year.  The KU Wichita Center for Health Care Adult Medicine Clinic offers and provides all required School of Pharmacy immunization services and monitors immunization compliance for all Wichita-based pharmacy students.  All immunization documentation must be supplied to the KU School of Pharmacy-Wichita Immunization Coordinator at the clinic for compliance monitoring. The Immunization Coordinator at the clinic will regularly update your compliance status and will notify the School of Pharmacy once compliance has been achieved.  ABSOLUTELY NO immunization documentation should be turned in directly to the School of Pharmacy. All confidential student immunization documentation records are retained at the KU Wichita Adult Medicine Clinic in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA guidelines.


Pharmacy students with questions about student health services may contact the KU School of Pharmacy-Wichita Student Services Office at 316-293-3500 or the KU School of Pharmacy-Wichita Immunization Coordinator, Lisa Christinat, RN, at the KU Wichita Adult Medicine Clinic by calling 316-293-2622.