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Symposium highlights post-graduate research

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Post-graduate students at the KU School of Pharmacy displayed their work at the school's 28th Graduate Honors Symposium Wednesday, January 16.

Oral presentations included:

Overcoming Product Inhibition in Catalysis of the Intramolecular Schmidt Reaction
Hashim F. Motiwala, Sze-Wan Li, Erin Hirt, Charlie Fehl, and Jeffrey Aubé
Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Lawrence, KS

(L02) GRK proteins regulate the cannabinoid agonist-induced upregulation of serotonin 2A receptors
Jade M. Franklin and Gonzalo A. Carrasco
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Lawrence, KS

(L03) Sulfur-centered radical at Cys-149 of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase mediates hydrogen atom transfer reactions: potential routes for aggregation and fragmentation of the protein
Olivier Mozziconacci, Christian Schöneich
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Lawrence, KS

(L04) Impact of Emergency Department Pharmacy Services on Organizational Quality Metrics
Sarah K. Daniel and Samaneh Wilkinson
The University of Kansas Hospitals, Kansas City, KS

(L05) Evaluation of inpatient prescribing and monitoring of fentanyl transdermal system
Theresa McEvoy and Joyce Generali
The University of Kansas Hospitals, Kansas City, KS

(L06) Development of a Selective Derivatization Reagent for use in Conjunction with Extreme Ultra Pressure Liquid Chromatography for the Selective Determination of Protein 3-Nitrotyroinse
Joshua Woods 1, John Stobaugh 1, Jordan Stobaugh 2, Edward Franklin 2 and James Jorgenson 2
 1Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; 2 Department of Chemistry, UNC at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

(L07) The 20S Proteasome is involved in Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 Degradation during Hypoxia
Yomna Badawi 1, 2 and Honglian Shi1, 2
1 Neuroscience program and 2 Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Lawrence, KS

(L08) Conformationally-Constrained Kinked Peptides Potently Mediate Escape of Cargo from Early Endosomes
Chamani Perera, David Hymel, Ze Li, Robert Winefield, and Blake R. Peterson
Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Lawrence, KS

2nd among all schools of pharmacy in National Institutes of Health funding
Brings more than $20 million in external funding into the state each year
7 of 19 cancer drugs formulated through the National Cancer Institute were developed at the KU School of Pharmacy
3,000 free flu shots given to Kansans in need during the past 5 years
4,000 living alumni, 63 percent of them living and working in Kansas
KU pharmacists practice in 95 of Kansas’ 105 counties
20th among public schools of pharmacy.
—U.S. News & World Report
$20.2 million NIH research grant earned by Distinguished Professor Jeff Aubé was 2nd largest in Kansas history
100 percent placement after graduation for KU Pharm.D. students
Established in 1885 as the 1st professional program at KU