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Distance Classroom Facilitation Guide

A. Introduction

This planning guide was developed as a resource to inform faculty about the on-site resources and support on the Wichita campus, and to aid faculty in planning for the delivery of distance education content to the Wichita Campus. The keys to the seamless delivery of distance education content are advanced planning and communication.

B. Course Facilitation and Faculty Support

Wichita based faculty and, in certain instances, trained Facilitators, are available to provide support to faculty housed on the Lawrence or Kansas City campuses. Course facilitators work under the supervision and direction of a lead faculty facilitation supervisor and the Associate Dean on the Wichita campus and are available to support faculty with the successful delivery of course content to the distance campus. Course facilitator responsibilities may include:


  1. Communication with main campus faculty and planning for course content delivery.
  2. Preparation, organization, distribution and collection of course materials in accordance with faculty member instructions.
  3. Monitoring of distance site classrooms.
  4. Remote control of video image and audio volume being transmitted to the distance campus.
  5. Interfacing with distance campus IT personnel to support the effective operation of interactive videoconferencing technology.
  6. Interfacing with distance and main campus IT control rooms to troubleshoot any live interactive videoconferencing issues.
  7. Establish and facilitate Adobe Connect desktop conferencing.
  8. Establish and facilitate Turning Point audience response technology.
  9. Arrange and plan for cell phone communications with faculty to provide contingencies in the event of interactive videoconferencing failure.
  10. Provide other varied faculty support functions.

A master course facilitation calendar is prepared prior to the beginning of the semester to manage the course facilitation process. In order to populate this calendar, we ask that the information contained in the Distance Classroom Facilitation Form be submitted to the Wichita Campus no less than 10 working days prior to the start of classes each semester.

C. Intercampus Communications

A variety of communication methods including phone, e-mail, desktop conferencing, scheduled interactive videoconferencing and others, are available to communicate between campuses. The Distance Classroom Facilitation Form asks you to indicate your primary and secondary “preferred” means of communication with Wichita campus facilitators and students. We will utilize your preferred, primary method of communication whenever possible and only default to your secondary preference when absolutely necessary. We ask that you incorporate your preferred method of communication with distance campus students into your course syllabus. Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the beginning of classes, personnel on the Wichita campus will contact, by e-mail, the course coordinators of those courses scheduled to occur during the upcoming semester to initiate the course facilitation planning process, and will communicate by phone when necessary during this planning phase.

D. Course Materials and Transfer of Course Documents

Students on the Wichita campus have on-site access to a high speed document printer/copier and are accustomed to printing course materials posted to Blackboard. This mechanism is by far the easiest and most convenient method. The use of Blackboard for course document management whenever possible is encouraged. For sensitive documents associated with courses that cannot be managed through Blackboard, e.g., quizzes, exams, keys, activity sheets, case studies, etc., the following methods for transferring course documents to designated personnel on the Wichita campus are in place:


  1. Direct e-mail with attached password protected documents. (recommended and preferred)
  2. Hawk Drive: Hawk Drive is a KU IT platform utilized for the secure storage, sharing and transfer of documents. It allows you to upload documents and designate who among KU faculty and staff you would like to “share” the document with. You can access Hawk Drive at http://hawkdrive.ku.edu. If you’re unfamiliar with the use of Hawk Drive, the website has a training section with tutorials and is relatively easy to use. At present, it is recommended that you “share” your documents with pharmacysupportwichita@ku.edu.
  3. Encrypted e-mail with pdf attachments: All faculty and staff are already cleared for e-mail encryption. In order to begin using encrypted e-mail you will need to obtain Certificate Based Digital Credentials. Go to: http://www.technology.ku.edu/ca/digicert/setup/ for instructions.
  4. Secure Fax: Secure fax machines are in place on both campuses. The Wichita campus fax number is (316) 293-3520.

The Distance Classroom Facilitation Form will ask you to indicate which method of course document transfer you will be utilizing. Regardless of the document transfer method that you use, please keep in mind that Wichita support personnel will require adequate time to prepare documents in accordance with your instructions once course materials are received. Therefore, we ask that you please supply course materials that are not uploaded to Blackboard to Wichita campus personnel at least 24 hours prior to the date that they are needed. For quizzes or exams that will occur on Monday, please provide documents to Wichita personnel no later than noon on the preceeding Friday.

E. Course Materials and Document Security

Upon receipt of course materials including, but not limited to, syllabi, activities, case-studies, quizzes and exams, these documents are placed in a staging room under double lock and key until such time that they are needed for preparation or utilization. Course facilitator access to this staging room is strictly controlled and only accessible by administration and designated faculty.

F. Quizzes, Examinations, In-Class Activities and Case-Studies

It is understood by faculty on the Wichita campus that there will be instances during the course of a semester in which faculty on the main campus will require the assistance of Wichita campus faculty to provide support. These instances may include the proctoring of quizzes or exams and the support of in-class activities and/or case-studies. On these occasions, a Wichita faculty member will be scheduled, at the beginning of the semester, to assist with these functions. Therefore, it is imperative that we are informed prior to the beginning of the semester of the dates on which quizzes, exams or in-class activities will occur in your class and the type of support you need from Wichita based faculty. This is addressed in the Distance Classroom Facilitation Form.

G. Grading of Quizzes or Examinations

Scantron grading and statistical analysis is available on the Wichita campus for instructors who utilize Scantron forms for their quizzes and/or exams. If you desire, Scantron grading of Wichita student exams can be accomplished on-site. We simply need for faculty to provide a password protected exam key to pharmacysupportwichita@ku.edu in advance so a Scantron key can be populated for grading. Reporting of quiz or examination scores can be customized and reported to instructors in a variety of formats. We need faculty to communicate their preferences to us prior to grading. Turn around time for Scantron results is typically around 2 hours. Scantron results can be communicated to faculty utilizing their preferred method of communication.

For quizzes or examinations that must be hand graded the following options exist:

  1. Hand graded by Wichita based faculty.
  2. Shipped via overnight FedEx.
  3. Scanned and e-mailed.
  4. Secure fax.

H. Return or Retention of Course Materials

For faculty who do want to have completed quizzes, exams or other course documents returned to students after grading, they should indicate this preference on the Distance Classroom Facilitation Form. It is asked that instructors based on the main campus not return graded materials to students on the Lawrence campus until such materials are received by the Wichita campus for simultaneous return to students.

For faculty who do not want completed quizzes, exams or other course materials returned to students after grading, those documents can be either returned to the faculty member using one of the methods outlined in item G, or they can be retained and stored under double lock and key in the Wichita campus document staging room for a pre-determined period of time in accordance with the faculty members instructions. At the end of this retention period, the documents will be deposited in a secure Cintas collection box for shredding.

I. Recorded Class Lectures

All class lectures, whether originating from the Lawrence or Wichita campus, are captured and recorded. These recorded lectures are managed by IT personnel and stored securely on a dedicated server. The release, distribution and use of recorded lecture material is at the sole discretion of the instructor. It is encouraged that instructors establish Echo 360 credentials for recorded lecture account management. This will enable instructors to release recorded class lecture content to students at their discretion. Instructors should contact the Director of IT Services for the School of Pharmacy to obtain instructions on how to establish and manage your Echo 360 account.

J. Appendicies


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